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sex fucking With Father In Law For His Money real sex story

I was born in a middle class family where cash was always short of requirements and married to a man who said he was working as property dealer but did not earn a dime so my demand of all luxuries of life were unfulfilled. I also longed for gold, good perfumes, good dresses but then money was not there.

My father in law although not rich could make a house in Delhi which came well within the city and income from rent was good. His wife had expired and expenses were low so the old man had good money lying in banks. I always planned to get hold of that money.

One day when I was bathing I felt as if somebody is on the door. Our house was old and bathroom door had lots of small holes. It appeared to me that somebody had put eyes on one such hole. Since I and my father in law were the only two people at home at that time It could have been my father in law only. As a knee jerk reaction I lunged for something to cover my body but then a lightening though struck my mind. Why not seduce the old man and get money out of pocket. The thought sent a chill down my spine and wetness in my c*nt.

Firming up my thought I turned so as to face the door and give full view of my boobs to baba. I am sure the old man must have gone mad to see my big boobs and milky white curves. I allowed my boobs to dangle a bit. Even opened my thighs to let him see my pink pot.

From that day it became a routine. Whenever I entered the bathroom baba will be there on the door within minutes and I will bare all for him. I even shaved my pu**y in his full view and when I was having periods I opened my thighs to full inserted cloth there to let old man see what is happening there.

Then one day I noticed that baba had made a hole in toilet door too, a small pin hole. Now he could see me pissing too. I used this opportunity to let him see the golden shower from my hole and enjoy. I would widen my legs more and more to let him have a fuller view of my holes. They were all shaved and clean now. At night also I noticed him to be standing near our bed room door specially when we were having sex. I started muttering dirty sexy words to excite him.

Then one day I decided to seduce him to bed. I was sure not much provocation will be required. That day I shaved my pu**y again. (shaving pu**y makes me more horny).. Wore a low cut blouse , saare (an Indian dress) below naval walked to baba's bed. He was lying with his lund touching the bed and I am sure he was masturbating.

I sat on bed and started talking about my mother in law and the relations they had slowly changing to sex relations. He told that since she was ill for few years before death they could not have sex and their sexual relations were not very good.

I asked him "Baba what can I do for" He was surprised and shocked.

Then he recovered and said "Tum to kuchh bhee kar saktee ho" I said "baba aap apnee bahu ke rahte parweshan raho yeh achha naheen lagta na"

He was overjoyed and gripped me. I also held him tightly to let his face touch my boobs and my musky smell fill his nose and heart.

After kissing me and pressing my boobs he was eager to get inner things. So I opened my blouse and he undid the saaree. He showered kisses on my boobs and naval and his hand was busy between my thighs caressing my vagina.

I turned him. His pyjama was open . I took out his co*k. It was very big and thick. I liked it. It made my ch**t go into floods. I rubbed it between my palms and planted a kiss on it. Baba was now nearly mad, panting at high pitch like a snake.

He wanted more of my body now. I helped him remove the bra. My melons were now in front of him. He sucked them and made me more and more hot. He was expert in that. Then my rest of the clothes were gone and I was stark naked in front of him with my shaved pu**y. He planted few kisses over my labia and it became more juicy.

He said "Suman you are very beautiful"

I responded "oh baba I am all yours now"

Hearing this he pinned me on bed and came between my legs and wanted to insert his red hot co*k in my flowing love hole. I also wanted this to happen so took hold of it and rubbed it on my c*nt lips. Its head all became wet and was ready to slip into my honey pot.

He increased pressure and I raised my hips. It went full into me. I had never had such a big co*k to there was slight pain but I liked it enjoyed it and felt the head right into my womb. He started pumping it and I wanted to increase his joy. So rubbed my pu**y by shaking my hips. It went well. Baba was in heaven. He was mutterining suman suman suman suman with every pounding. My flooding love hole and his pounding produced sexy sounds and I also started muttering those dirty words. It excited him more and more and he started biting me.

Then he was about to cum…..He started shooting his hot lava in me. I also showed that I am cumming for him by raising my ch**tads and crying a lot of oooohhhh aaaaahahsssss etc. ( I was close to cumming but since baba had had it after so long he ejaculated first)

His semen filled my ch**t completely and overflowed to my thighs and went to bed sheet. I loved that hot flow around my body parts.

I completely finished him and then turned him. Cleaned his body with my bra and licked and smelt it in front of him and smiled wicked, He was holding my naked c*nt lips and closed his eyes. After that I became baba's slut. He directed me not to close the bathroom door when I bathe and he can have full view from his bed. I extracted lot of goodies from him including jewelry of my MIL and regular supply of money for good bras, panties, shoes, perfume and clothes for me and finally managed to get the house worth a crore in my husband's name leaving his elder son out. The court case is still on…..

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Rape of my sister In law

I was 21 years old when my brother got married. The first time I saw my bhabhi, I had a hardon. She was no less than any bollywood bombshell. My brother is also very goodlooking but my bhabhi was still too good for him. She had just perfect figure and was very fair. She had ripe breasts ready to jump out of her blouse and what an ass she had. The best part of her body was perhaps her ass. She was busty and when she walked her ass used to shake and I immidiately had a hardon. Soon after my brothers marriage, my bhaiya and bhabhi got setteled in noida where my brother worked. I was then in college doing my engineering. I missed that heavenly site of my bhabhi walking and her ass swaying. After about 2 months of marriage I had to undergo a two months training at a company. I talked to my brother and he placed me in his company for two months. Since I had to travel 50 KM daily to reach the company I decided to stay with my brother for these two months. I thought this way I’ll also get the chance to stay with my bhabhi. The first week, I masturbated daily thinking about my bhabhi. One day while I was trying to sleep I heard some sounds from the adjacent room. It was my brothers room. I heard as if something had fallen. I went near the door and kept my ears on it. I couldn’t believe my ears. My bhaiya and bhabhi were having sex. I could hear moanings of my bhabhi and the pitch potch sounds of the bed. I felt jealous of my brother. I kept my ear placed and masturbated twice then and there itself. I couldn’t sleep the whole night. I wanted to have my bhabhi at any cost. Little did I know that my dreams were to come true soon.

My summer training was about to end and just one more week was remaining. I was sad because no more I would be able to hear my bhaabhi’s moans. That night my brother called my bhabhi that he would be late as he had an important meeting. My bhabhi changed her clothes and wore a nighty and went to her room. At around 1 in the night there was a bang on the door. I thought my brother had come. My bhabhi also felt the same and she got up and went to open the door. While going she had to pass through my room and I again saw her swaying ass and had a hardon. I acted as if I was asleep. After a couple of minutes I heard some screams from the living room. I rushed to wards the room and what I saw swept away the floor beneath my feets.

There were three guys in the room and two were holding my bhabhi while one was closing the main door and covering the curtains. One of the guys had covered my bhabhi’s face with his hand. I didn’t know what to do. I was so scared that I just stood there to see what was happening. With in seconds, the three guys, picked my bhabhi and placed her on the bed in the living room. They were muscular and my bhabhi was trying hard to break free from their grip. But she was too weak compared to them. Just as I was about to rush to my bhabhi’s bedroom to call the police, I saw one of the guys tearing apart my bhabhi’s nighty. Hiding behind the door, I could see my bhabhi’s black bra covering her ripe breasts. Something that I’d longed to see for so long. I decided to wait for a little before calling the police. One of the guys tore apart completely her nighty and threw it on the floor. I could see my bhabhi’s legs shaking violently struggling to break free. The sounds of her screams muted by the hands covering her mouths filled the room. The guys changed position and now one guy was holding her hands and the other holding her legs. I had a full view of my bhabhi streatched in between. The third guy took off all his clothes in seconds and holding his errection came near my bhabhi. I could see the fear in her eyes. But to me, she felt even sexier than ever. The guy climbed on my bhabhi and forced his dick in her mouth. pressing her neck so that she can’t bite it. He played with her for a minute after which, in one shot he pulled apart her bra in two and threw it. The bra fell at the door where I was standing. I was shocked to see my bhabhi’s big big boobs. I was in a confusion whether I sould save my bhabhi or should I enjoy the scene. I decided the second option. The guy sitting on my bhabhi also tore apart her underwear and I got a glimpse of her hairy pussy before the guy started sucking it. My bhabhi was trying her best to break free but the three were giants. They were muslims as was clear from their clothings and the language they spoke in.

The leader of them put his dick in between my bhabhi’s legs and gave in a tight push inside. It pained my bhabhi so much that her back lifted in air. The guy mercilessly pumped in and out her pussy while the other two played with her thighs and her boobs. I kept watching the rape. My bhabhi had become too weak now that her revolts were only occasional. The first guy fucked her thoroughly and got up from her stomach. The second person who was till now holding her legs took his position now. The first one got dressed and looked around the room for something. He came towards the door where I stood and I quitely rushed back to my room and acted as if sleaping. I was too scraed. I heard the door opening and thought he would kill me. He searched things and must have seen me sleeping when he came and woke me up. I got up in shock but the fear on my face showed up. He pulled me up from the bed holding the t shirt I was wearing from neck. He dragged me to the room where my bhabhi was still being raped. He threw me in front of my bhabhi. She turned her face away from me. I felt disgusted but now I could see my bhabhi being screwed from a closer distance. The guy fucking my bhabhi, saw a bulge in my pants and the three of em made fun of me. I stood there like stupid.

The guy came inside my bhabhi and it was now the turn of the third one. He too started fucking my bhabhi while the other too started questioning me regarding valueables we had in home and who was I etc. I answered them everything honestly what I knew and they found some cash in bhabhi’s bedroom. One of them held my bulge in his hands and pressed it tight. I screamed and they laughed. The guy fucking my bhabhi said immidiately
“Is se chudwaate hain saali ko, dekhne wala scene hoga” and he started laughing. My bhabhi quickly turned her face towards me. Her face was red and her eyes full of tears. I was asked to undress which hesitatingly I did. My dick was hard as rock and they made fun of me.

“Saala apni bhabhi ko chudta hua dekh kar kaise khada ho gaya” . In a couple of minutes the pace of the guy fucking my bhabhi, increased and he emptied his lust inside her belly. He took it out and I saw cum around his dick. I was asked to fuck my bhabhi now or else get ready to die. I wanted to do this to my bhabhi but felt pity on her condition. She didn’t want me to do this to her and probably I wouldn’t have done this to her had I not been scared of dying. I climbed on her and placed my dick in her pussy which was already covered with lots of cum. I placed my hands on her big big boobs and let my virginity go by a deep thrust. The guys laughed at the sight and asked me to continue. I pumped her hard enjoying every stroke while my bhabhi screaming and crying. I confess, I enjoyed fucking her like anything and I realized that I had a fantasy for raping womens. I came inside her pussy too and pulled my satiated dick out.

The guys collected some precious items from the house and went away. I covered my bhabhi with a blanket and went to my room. My brother came the next morning at six and by then my bhabhi had arranged things back to the way they were and didn’t let him know what happened. The next day she came to me and talked to me and asked me not to tell anybody what had happened that night.

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Fucking Sergeant’s Wife - English sex story

My name is Raj and I live in Mumbai. I’m telling you about my
experience few months ago. One day my cousin sister called and said
she is sending her friend to me for some help – so please help her –
then she added ” I know you will help her for she is a beautiful and
sexy looking lady”. My cousin knew that I would help and take in
return her pussy. Now I was waiting impatiently for the Lady –
Finally she came around 5 pm. And asked me if I know about some place
where she can start a Beauty Parlour. I looked at the lady and was
stunned – She was about 30/35 yrs – 5’7″ tall with a great figure – I
was not able to speak at first cause I just kept looking at her and
started visualizing her in bed with me with my cock in her mouth. She
waited for my reply and asked again – suddenly I came out my stare
and said “yes, I know a good place” – I was bend on getting her a
place to set up her work – even if I had to bear some rent from my
pocket. In a few days time I managed to get her a place and helped
her set up the place. She was very pleased and invited me to her
house for Dinner around 9pm. I reached the place on time and was
greeted well – but I was scared for she told me her Husband’s in the
Military services – but was glad for he was always away for 15/20
days to different places and she was alone as such she had thought of
setting up her business so that she will be occupied.
Now we had a few drinks & dinner together and were talking over a cup
of coffee – She was a little drunk (you know how these military
people are, too frank and mix up fast) then she told me that she was
very lonely as most of the time her husband was out and she sometimes
used to cry and would take cold showers to quite her desires.
Hearing her stories was too much for me to digest and I felt my cock
rising and to the extend that it starting becoming visible through my
I told her ” don’t worry now you are not alone and can depend on me
if you need anything”. With this she asked me “anything. I said, “Yes
anything”. She asked me “can you stay the night here”.
This was what I was waiting for “I said if she wanted me to”.
She got up and went inside and came back with a nightdress and asked
me to change – while she also went to the bathroom to change into her
nightclothes. I changed and was waiting for her – when I saw her
coming out wearing a short loose pant and a small top. Her legs were
a great sight white and long – and her chuchi (boobs) were clearly
visible through the material- they were round and the nipples were
pointing out like a finger accusing me.
I stood there waiting for her to make the first move – she came near
me and said, “I’m ready”. I opened my arms and she came into it and
started kissing me on my lips madly like a dog that has not got to
eat for days. She started pulling my hair and pressing my body on her
and started making noises “AAAAAAHHHHHHH,AAAAAAHHHHHH – please mujhai
kiss karoo jorse – please mera chuchi ko dabao please” – I was too
eager to oblige. I took both her boobs in my hands and started to
squeeze lightly – they were very hard and rounded. She said “jorse
dabaoo please jorse” – I squeezed harder and she went wild and
started tearing my clothes – She started kissing my nipples and
started moving down and started pulling my pajamas with her teeth.
Slowly the pajamas came off and she took hold of my cock and said, “I
want this. I want this” She put her mouth on my 8″ cock and started
sucking with deep sucking strokes, and cupped my balls and
said “tumara lund mera pati se bhi lamba aur moota hai – mujha yeh
lund chahiya – please isko mera choot main dalo na – meri gand main
dalo na – main isa apna pass rakna chahati hoon – please mujha da do
na – is se jabhi chahoon apna choot main, gand main dal kar apni
pyaas bujha sakti hoon. Hearing all this I said ” hain yeh lund aaj
se tumhara hai – tum jabhi chaho yeh lund tumhari choot ko gand ko
chodne ki liya tayar rahaga”.
I opened her top and the boobs fell out – I sucked them one by one
and kept pressing both of them – she was lost in her
pleasures “AAAAAHHHHHHH,AAAAAAAHHHHHH aur chooso aur” I increased
pressure on the boobs and sucked wildly.
She asked me to lie down on the bed and we went in to 69 position.
She took my cock again and sucked with long strokes and at the same
time was mastrubating me also. The pressure was building on me and
finally I shouted “AAAAHHHH choos randi choos – and shot my load in
her mouth ” yeh lo cream khao” she kept on sucking and drank all my
cum – now my cock was limp – but she kept on sucking like a small
girl drinking milk from her mothers boobs.
Now it was my turn to show her what I knew about chut – I started
licking her chut and making sucking/licking sounds loudly – I spread
her cunt and licked her clitoris which made her wild and she said –
`Aasa kisi na nahi choosa mujha aaj tak – choos madarchood choos –
nahin to tere lund main kha jaogi” – saying this she took my lund
again and started sucking hard again. I too started sucking her chut
and put my finger inside her – she cried “OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, lund
dalo bahenchood lund dalo – is se nahin hogo” – I pushed 2 more
fingers inside her and started finger fucking her – she again
cried “lund dalo, lund dalo please. But I was in no mood to end my
sucking – I kept on sucking her till she cried – “Oh! mera raja,
choos choos – phad mera chut ko – gand ko bhi phad – Mera husband
madarchood to shrif dusman ki pharta hai – uski patni ka phard na ko
bolo to 2 minute may mall gira kar soona chala jata hai – aaj meri
choot phar dalo pleeeeeeeeeesssssssseeeeee. Kuch mat socho – please.
I got too excited hearing all this and sucked like mad and finger
fucked her fast – finally she started shaking violently and held my
held and pressed hard towards her choot – and I could taste salty
cream flowing from her cunt – I sucked all the cream and after making
one final long suck came up for air.
She was lying with her eyes closed – totally exhausted – but with my
lund still in her mouth.
Finally she said “aaj malum para chodna main kitna maja hota hai.”
Aaj tak to main soocti thi ki mera husband hi sabse acha choodna
janta hai – but tum na to apna jeeb sa aisa maza diya ki – lund ki
jaroorat hi nahin”.
I told her “abi to tum ko sirf apna jeeb ka kamaal dikhaya hai – mera
lund ka to kamaal baki hai”.
Hearing this she looked at me and said “agar aisa hai to please jaldi
dikhao na – pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee
I started licking her toes and slowly started going up towards her
cunt – up to her boobs and started sucking them again – at the same
time I was moving myself towards in between her legs. I picked up her
both legs and put them on my shoulder. Now her pink shinning cunt was
stating at me – waiting to receive the joys.
I put a pillow under her ass and now I was in the right position to
enter her – I took my lund and started rubbing her cunt with it. By
now my Lund was fully awake again and ready for the assault. I put my
lund in her hole and pushed a little – she opened herself more to
take my entire cock.
I started fucking her putting only half of my cock inside her – she
started crying – please pura dalo – pura dalo – mujha apna randi
samjho – chodo jor se – mujha duniya may kuch nahin chahiya sirf tera
lund – please jorse.
I liked the way she said all this – I then slowly pushed my entire
cock in her – her mouth opened up and she cried
mera chhot tumhara liya
hai – apna goti bhi andar dal do please – ghos jao mera under – main
phir tumko paida karogi. Madarchood jorse chod.
I pushed my lund indide her with full force and started fucking her
with all my might – she too joined in the rhythm and we fucked for
about 17 minutes. Soon she again started shaking and I heard noises
from her cunt and the slup,slup.pop,pop fucking sound was getting
louder and louder – finally she collapsed and said “mera choot phat
gaya,mera choot phat gaya,tumna mera choot phar diya.” And then she
closed her eyes and was still. But still now my cock was inside her
and was in no mood to surrender – so I again started fucking her –
after three/four strokes she opened her eyes and said “tumhara lund
kammal ka hai – meri choot phar ka abhi tak khada hai.” Ek kaam karo
mere Gand bhi main is say pharwana chati hoon. Then she removed her
legs from my shoulder and sat up on the bed doggy style.
Now I had full excess to her round buttocks – I pressed them, kissed
them and felt like eating them for they were so nice – I had never
had a chance to fuck anyone in the ass – but now here was a Punjabi
military’s wife waving her gand in front of me begging me to fuck her
in the ass.
I slowly put the tip of my cock on the crack of her ass and pushed –
nothing happened – the ass was too tight. I tried pushing a finger
in. But this also did not go. Then I put my finger in her cunt and
took some cream from there and applied in her ass and pushed – my
finger went inside – As my finger went in – she cried “apna lund ko
ahista dalo.” I told her “yeh to finger hain – abi itni takleef –
lund jayaga to kya hoga”.
She laughed and said “Gand phat jayaga aur kya hoga – chinta mat karo
Gand phad do mare. Mera pati ko bol dungi – dusmano na ghar main
ghuskar mere gand phardi”.
Again I tried putting my cock in – but it was really very tight and
would not go in. So finally I went to the bathroom and brought some
oil from there and applied on her gand and my lund. Now I held her
buttocks and put my lund in her hole and pushed – my cock started
going in – and it went upto the hilt. Now I started moving – we could
hear the sound of my balls slapping on her ass.
She started screaming – now I got a bit scared – what will happen if
our next door people will hear, so I covered her mouth and started
fucking her again.
But after a few more strokes – she got used to the fucking and
started moving her ass towards my cock.
I put my 3 fingers inside her cunt and started fucking her – With my
fingers I could feel my cock moving inside out of the Ass hole.
Now the pressure was building up inside me and I increased my speed –
soon I started Cumming – I shouted “meri randi tere gand na mujha
pagal kar diya – teri gand,teri gand.
Soon I took out my cock and feel on the bed. Now she was on top of
me – she started playing with my cock and in between sucking also.
I told her this was the best fuck of my life – never before ha I
fucked a girl like this – she was very please – and she said “Ek bar
phir karo na – meri chuchi (boobs) ka beech mein karo – mujha tumhari
lund ka rakad meri chuchi pe chahiya.
This was a new experience for me too. I said “jahan bolo main tayar
hoon apna lund dalna ko”. With this I jumped and sat on her stomach
and adjusted my still limp lund in between her boobs. She started
massaging my lund with her boobs – WOW! What a sensation it was – it
felt very good. Slowly my lund started growing and in no time ready
to please my randi again.
She held both her boobs tightly and asked me to fuck between them. I
applied a little oil and made smooth my passage and started the
motor. Pumping her again and again in between. She liked to see the
lund coming out of the boobs near her face – she tried to lick
whenever it came up.
After about 10 minutes my cock started feeling the currents and I
knew in a short while it would be over. I started pumping with full
force and finally shot my load all over her chin and her mouth – she
was very pleased to see my semen on her face and lips. She said –
“Raja tumna aaj mujha sikha diya aurat kitna maza la sakti hai apna
shareer say.” She the started licking my cum from her lips and pulled
my cock in her mouth and drank all the cum left there. Now I was also
tire by fucking 3 times that too in 4 different places.
The time was 3am so we thought of taking some sleep – we slept in a
69 position with my cock in her mouth and her cunt on my face.
We got up around 7am and the smell of her cunt aroused me again – so
I got up and gave her one last fuck – we went on fucking – we fucked
while brushed – we fucked while bathing and finally I emptied my seed
in her after we finished our bath. I told her to clean my cock with
her mouth – which she did happily – and I dressed up and left her
house with any open invitation to walk in any time of the day or

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Mature Landlord Aunty with muslim Hunk

Enjoy the Story of me fucking my mature landlord during my college days, How i got hold of her after a long struggle. She was a widow and was staying alone in a duplex house.
Makanmalikin ki chut mari

Hello friends, My name is Fardeen (Rocky). I like mature Hindu ladies a lot . I am sharing a sex encounter which i had with my landlady.
Let me introduce myself I am 29 years old now from bangalore city working for a very good reputed IT company. I love Hindu pussies (please reply or revert me on rocky.rules.851@gmail.com ) I am not married .

This incident happened during my college days while I was doing my Masters – I got seat in a good college which was far from my house, So my parents decided that travelling that far everyday would be risky in my bike to traffic and i will be tired too. Thought of Hotel but later dropped the idea.

We went in search of a small house (1 Bed room near to the college) and found a board on the gate of a full duplex house saying TO-LET. we went inside asking for the same. And end up talking to the land lady she was in her 40’s huge. wheatish she was a widow and has 2 childrens daughter married and son working in dubai.
She was not sexy or hot kind off lady. Initially i did not focus much on.

she then took us to the 1 bed room house upstairs and showed us it was a clean decent house. she said that she wont allow parting and friends in the house as she stays alone she need the tenant to be simple and quiet. My parents too wanted the same so they agreed and did the paper work in the week time.

My college classes were started i moved into the house with limited stuff. and every week once i use to visit my parents on weekends after my classes. it was about 40 kms away from my house. slowly i got adjusted and my classes and all were going well. My class starts at 9am and finish by 2pm and 4pm if i have praticals. Days were going but Was getting bored with same stuffs everyday.

Friends, I am really sex addict like all of you and love sex very much. i started watching porn videos reading some sex stories and masturbating thinking of some actress or aunties around. and one day was trying to masturbate and suddenly i pictyred my land loard body and was jerking my dick. and cummed and later i was thinking why not i can get opportunity here. She is not attractive but she is hindu and was mature and fleshy . well shaped body . I thought, i could be lucky having sex with her. i use to talk to her wish her everyday and days passed and after my 1st semister i went home, then same stuff started college etc etc.. and mean while i met her daughter when she visited. and spoke to her too . she was saying that her mom praises about me a lot that i am very good natured and well behaved. she said i should help her if she need any help.
she left her number with me and said u can call me if there is any emergency.
later one day the landlady saw me returning from college and we greeted each other. she asked what plans for dinner tonight .
I said i had practicals so i am tired will rest sometime and we will go out and eat in some hotel. she invited me saying she has prepared biryani, I said refused saying i dont eat non veg anywhere as i eat only HALAAL meat. she said no she bought from muslim shop only. after confirming i said ok. i went around 8 and we had dinner and i sat there so some time and we spoke on some odd topics. she was saying dont feel bad about her daughter talks.
I said no problem aunty ur daughter was right we both stay together so we should help eachother. from that day we got bit close like friends. and later my mind was getting sick with everyday hand job.i slowly chnaged my views on landlady I always starr her whenever she either clean the floor or wash clothes. She was little plump. But, her big boobs and rounded butts made me mad. i use to go to her hpuse for silly reasons.one day i was watching porn and was getting hard rock thought of going and checking the lady. i went to her house and she was busy in kitchen preparing tea she asked if i wanted to drink tea. i was hot I just wanted to fuck her now. My dick was out of control now. It just wanted to fuck her. she came to me and given tea. She sat just next to me. We were really closed.

We were talking and i was not able to control my eyes, i was gazing her body while she was talking and later. then i asked her about uncle. she said everything taht he dided about 6 years ago. and looking at uncle pic with garland near pooja room i said He was handsome and well built. She said no use of that now. he is not there for my needs. I said Aunty u order i will do what ever possible. she said tahnk you and kept her hand on my dick my mistake. i felt wowwww. It was hard. she removed her hand immediately as if she got electric shock. I was like nothing will happen here. she is very conservative its waste of time and all toughts in my mind. I said ok aunty will go. she said wait if will be back. I was thinking i am trying on wrong lady. she did not return soon. i waited when i saw her i said i am going she said no wait she need help.
she came with a needle and thread and said she cant see so please help. i was trying to help her she came close to me i was busy with needle and threat. she put her hand on same place my dick and it was down now,
SHE said what happened it is down??? i was like what the FUCK.
In few minutes, she made me helpless. I kept my hand on her back and i was rubbing her back. She was happy and smiling. She opened the zip and taken out my dick from my lower. My dick was 7 inch long and rally thick. It was just pumping like anything. She was starring as she will eat it. She touched it slowly as she was touching any dick after long time. Then, she asked u dont have skin on the dick i said aunty i am muslim so i wont have. hmmm.. she knew how to make man in her control. I just wanted to get her now. She was awesome hot friends.

She was playing with my dick. I had removed my shirt and in few minutes, i was completely nude. She smiled see me like this. She stood and kissed on my chest. She pulled my hairs on chest and bitten on my nipples. I just sounded in pain aaahhhhh… She smile and took her boobs in her hand and kept on my lips in her clothes. I was so excited by now. I had removed her clothes and made nude. I made her nude and taken her boobs in my hand. She was pressing mydick and i was playing with her boobs. I pushed her on bed and came in 69. She had taken my dick in her mouth. She was licking my dick tip… hmmm… friends, i can’t explain that sexy feeling. I was just moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahaha and she was really good in oral sex. There are not many female who like oral sex and be good on oral sex. But, she was so hot.

Now, its my turn. I started rubbing her clit with my hand and sucking her boobs hard. I had bitten on her boobs and taken her tits between my teeth. I was pulling them hard. So hard and was fucking wow… it was awesome 69. I never had such hot oral sex before. Then i stood and made her bitch. I came on her back and started rubbing my dick on her pussy. Her pussy was really wet and i just stroked. My dick was been little inside. Her pussy was so tight. It was not fucked since long. I felt little pain on my dick. But, I had pushed more time. And this time, my dick was more than half of length inside her pussy. She was shouting ahhhhhh but she was enjoying shaking her butts. She knew that this pain is enjoyable. She was saying deep.. fuck me deep… In my final stroke, I had given my entire dick inside and now my butts was moving hard..

I was pushing my dick in and pulling my dick out. Pushing in and pulling out… It was so awesome. Wow… I was enjoy. Entire room was full of our voices ahah ahah ahah yes… fuck fuck… fuck… Thap – thap – thap sound was coming whenever i pushed my dick inside her pussy. Finally, i was about to cum. I asked where to release. She said – pleasure drop inside. I want to feel the warmness. I have protection inside. I had released my all cum inside her with a long fast stroke. She cum alot and i too. She fallen on bed and i had been over her.

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