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Enjoy the Story of me fucking my mature landlord during my college days, How i got hold of her after a long struggle. She was a widow and was staying alone in a duplex house.
Makanmalikin ki chut mari

Hello friends, My name is Fardeen (Rocky). I like mature Hindu ladies a lot . I am sharing a sex encounter which i had with my landlady.
Let me introduce myself I am 29 years old now from bangalore city working for a very good reputed IT company. I love Hindu pussies (please reply or revert me on ) I am not married .

This incident happened during my college days while I was doing my Masters – I got seat in a good college which was far from my house, So my parents decided that travelling that far everyday would be risky in my bike to traffic and i will be tired too. Thought of Hotel but later dropped the idea.

We went in search of a small house (1 Bed room near to the college) and found a board on the gate of a full duplex house saying TO-LET. we went inside asking for the same. And end up talking to the land lady she was in her 40’s huge. wheatish she was a widow and has 2 childrens daughter married and son working in dubai.
She was not sexy or hot kind off lady. Initially i did not focus much on.

she then took us to the 1 bed room house upstairs and showed us it was a clean decent house. she said that she wont allow parting and friends in the house as she stays alone she need the tenant to be simple and quiet. My parents too wanted the same so they agreed and did the paper work in the week time.

My college classes were started i moved into the house with limited stuff. and every week once i use to visit my parents on weekends after my classes. it was about 40 kms away from my house. slowly i got adjusted and my classes and all were going well. My class starts at 9am and finish by 2pm and 4pm if i have praticals. Days were going but Was getting bored with same stuffs everyday.

Friends, I am really sex addict like all of you and love sex very much. i started watching porn videos reading some sex stories and masturbating thinking of some actress or aunties around. and one day was trying to masturbate and suddenly i pictyred my land loard body and was jerking my dick. and cummed and later i was thinking why not i can get opportunity here. She is not attractive but she is hindu and was mature and fleshy . well shaped body . I thought, i could be lucky having sex with her. i use to talk to her wish her everyday and days passed and after my 1st semister i went home, then same stuff started college etc etc.. and mean while i met her daughter when she visited. and spoke to her too . she was saying that her mom praises about me a lot that i am very good natured and well behaved. she said i should help her if she need any help.
she left her number with me and said u can call me if there is any emergency.
later one day the landlady saw me returning from college and we greeted each other. she asked what plans for dinner tonight .
I said i had practicals so i am tired will rest sometime and we will go out and eat in some hotel. she invited me saying she has prepared biryani, I said refused saying i dont eat non veg anywhere as i eat only HALAAL meat. she said no she bought from muslim shop only. after confirming i said ok. i went around 8 and we had dinner and i sat there so some time and we spoke on some odd topics. she was saying dont feel bad about her daughter talks.
I said no problem aunty ur daughter was right we both stay together so we should help eachother. from that day we got bit close like friends. and later my mind was getting sick with everyday hand job.i slowly chnaged my views on landlady I always starr her whenever she either clean the floor or wash clothes. She was little plump. But, her big boobs and rounded butts made me mad. i use to go to her hpuse for silly day i was watching porn and was getting hard rock thought of going and checking the lady. i went to her house and she was busy in kitchen preparing tea she asked if i wanted to drink tea. i was hot I just wanted to fuck her now. My dick was out of control now. It just wanted to fuck her. she came to me and given tea. She sat just next to me. We were really closed.

We were talking and i was not able to control my eyes, i was gazing her body while she was talking and later. then i asked her about uncle. she said everything taht he dided about 6 years ago. and looking at uncle pic with garland near pooja room i said He was handsome and well built. She said no use of that now. he is not there for my needs. I said Aunty u order i will do what ever possible. she said tahnk you and kept her hand on my dick my mistake. i felt wowwww. It was hard. she removed her hand immediately as if she got electric shock. I was like nothing will happen here. she is very conservative its waste of time and all toughts in my mind. I said ok aunty will go. she said wait if will be back. I was thinking i am trying on wrong lady. she did not return soon. i waited when i saw her i said i am going she said no wait she need help.
she came with a needle and thread and said she cant see so please help. i was trying to help her she came close to me i was busy with needle and threat. she put her hand on same place my dick and it was down now,
SHE said what happened it is down??? i was like what the FUCK.
In few minutes, she made me helpless. I kept my hand on her back and i was rubbing her back. She was happy and smiling. She opened the zip and taken out my dick from my lower. My dick was 7 inch long and rally thick. It was just pumping like anything. She was starring as she will eat it. She touched it slowly as she was touching any dick after long time. Then, she asked u dont have skin on the dick i said aunty i am muslim so i wont have. hmmm.. she knew how to make man in her control. I just wanted to get her now. She was awesome hot friends.

She was playing with my dick. I had removed my shirt and in few minutes, i was completely nude. She smiled see me like this. She stood and kissed on my chest. She pulled my hairs on chest and bitten on my nipples. I just sounded in pain aaahhhhh… She smile and took her boobs in her hand and kept on my lips in her clothes. I was so excited by now. I had removed her clothes and made nude. I made her nude and taken her boobs in my hand. She was pressing mydick and i was playing with her boobs. I pushed her on bed and came in 69. She had taken my dick in her mouth. She was licking my dick tip… hmmm… friends, i can’t explain that sexy feeling. I was just moaning in pleasure ahah ahah ahaha and she was really good in oral sex. There are not many female who like oral sex and be good on oral sex. But, she was so hot.

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